Call It Kind

Why must we be so cruel?



where does it get us?



what does it teach us?

We are a world of fools,

we live for greed,

we live for power,

we live for lust,

I live for love,

In the end,

its really all you have,

I live for peace,

believing there is <span>NO</span> reason,

for anything else,

So when you see them down,





perhaps someone will do the same,


for you,

So call it hippie,

call it ignorance,

call it soft,

I call it KIND.

Love– It’s all that matters. ❤

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I still get butterflies when you kiss me,
when you hold me i can barely breath,
my heart skips a beat when you say me name like you do,
when you look in my eyes i feel as tho this could last forever,
my heart is gone,
given to you,
you are my forever,
I Love You.

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Your’s To Hold

I see your eyes,
you see mine,
mirrors of our souls,
our heart’s entwined,
your kiss never fails,
to leave me without breath,
your touch does not cease,
to surpass all the rest,
until you this feeling,
was so unknown,
this feeling of safety,
of not being alone,
so take my hand,
hold me close,
look into my eyes,
and never let go.

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Forever In My Heart

There is nothing id rather do, then spend my life loved by you, theres nowhere else id rather be, then held by you, you held by me, theres nothing else id rather hear, then your voice next to my ear, theres nothing else id rather say, then I love you, forever, and a day, so hold me close, don’t let me go, its you and me love, just so you know, our places, our memories, forever in my heart, never to be broken, for we’ll never part.

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I love skittles. They are not only pretty and colorful, but they are tasty too. They come in 5 colors. Red, yellow, orange, purple, and green. I only got skittles for halloween because i was sick and my friend Keric gave me some skittles.

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Shadow Children

I am reading a book series right now called “The Shadow Children”. The first book is called “Among the Hidden” and is about these children in the future who are considered illegal just for being the third child born in a family. Due to food shortage they have put a limit on the children. Any child found hidden by the Population Police is put to death.

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I wanna go home.

I want to go home so bad. But i cant, im getiting out at 11:30 for a phsyciatrist appointment. I have to drive all the way to Fort Wayne to have some foreign guy named Ratigi tell me whats wrong with me. My life…sucks.

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passwrod change gr

I just had to completely change my password because i forgot it for my account. i went through all the steps, sending it to me email, answering the security question, and changing the password. I turns out i never needed to do that becuase i was on the wrong account. FML.

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1/2 hour delays.

I thinkt he half hour delays are retarded. I always wake up like normal and have to wait longer for my ride. Its too complicated to set my alarms a half hour ahead. Seeing as i have 12 of them.

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Pledge of Allegance (im bored.)

I pledge allegance, to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic, for which it stands. One nation, under God, in divisable. With liberty and justice for all. Please remain standing for a moment of silence…..Thank you, you may be seated. Thats everything they say in the morning. 🙂

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